Sanitaire SC5845B Product Review


Sanitaire SC5845B HEPA Filter

Designed for commercial environments, the Sanitaire SC5845B combines bagless convenience with high-quality HEPA filtration. HEPA, a shorthand for high-quality particulate air, is a type of vacuum filter that adheres to strict US government standards by removing 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size. The HEPA filter for this vacuum is located to the side of the 3.5 quart dust cup. As a rule of thumb, you should rinse your HEPA filter every six months under warm running water. Don’t forget to wash between the pleats where dirt and grime like to hide! To be on the safe side, it’s good to let it dry for 24 hours before returning to the dust cup.

Turning our attention to the power head, the Sanitaire SC5845B features a wide 15 inch cleaning path for fast, yet efficient, cleaning of large spaces. Its motorized brushroll easily adjusts to match any carpeted surface, thanks to the rotary dial selector on the face of the vacuum. Adding to its value, the Sanitaire SC5845B features a robust bumper that absorbs any impact stemming from collisions. In similar taste, the thickness of the 40 ft power cord allows it to withstand lots of abuse. You can step on it, run over it, or knot it without experiencing power surges or failure. It’s the vacuum cord for those who are always in a rush.


Sanitaire SC5845B

When it’s time to slow down for more delicate tasks, the Sanitaire SC5845B Dusting Brush is always there to help you out. Unique in design, this dusting brush has a narrowed head with soft nylon bristles for cleaning tight spaces. If you need a more elongated reach, the Sanitaire SC5845B features a 16 inch crevice tool that easily surpasses the length of competitors. Both tools are conveniently stored on the backside of the vacuum. The former can be found by the cord wrap and the latter fits inside the plastic wand.

To purchase, please visit eVacuumStore or dial 1-866-972-8227 to order over the phone!

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