Blueair Acquired By Unilever

Unilever-Logo1Very recently, one of our favorite brands dedicated to superior indoor air quality, Blueair has been acquired by Unilever, a cutting-edge organization that shares Blueair’s mission that advocates for clean, healthy indoor environments for all. This partnership will allow Blueair to expand its influence across continents to touch billions of homes as opposed to millions of homes at present.

While change can be scary, this acquisition is not going to negatively impact the customer service you receive nor effect the name of the brand that you have grown to trust. Blueair will still be known as Blueair and the quality of product you have come to expect will not change.

For those interested, here is a few facts about Unilever:

  • Unilever owns over 400 brands that span across four main categories: food, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products
  • Each brand acquired commits to Unilever’s diverse set of values, like business integrity, marketing products that are safe and effective for consumers, and are healthy for both indoor and outdoor environments
  • The 24 small icons used to create the Unilever logo represents both sub-brands and values that Unilever backs
  • Unilever is present on almost every content except for Antarctica. The US based factory is located in New Jersey.

Check out the images below and spot the brands that you have in your home. eVacuumStore can’t help you with food or personal care, but we do have Blueair Air Purifiers!



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