Numatic Henry Canister Vacuum: The Olympian

In honor of the 2016 Rio Olympics, we’ve compiled a collage of Numatic Henry doing his best moves.

Numatic-Henry-Pole-VaultingWith history dating back to the ancient Greeks, Cretans and Celts, pole vaulting is a track and field event where the Olympian uses a long, flexible pole to aid himself over the bar. The competitor has three tries to get over the pole in order to make it to the next round. With each passing round, the height increases every time till the competitor fails three consecutive times and the highest height they cleared is recorded as their final result. Numatic Henry can do the pole volt as well. He uses a long stainless steel wand to aid himself over the beam. We don’t recommend trying this at home. You may hurt yourself.

Numatic-Henry-Hammer-ThrowThe hammer throw is one of the oldest throwing events with roots dating back to the 1900 games in Paris. Hinted in the name, the object of the game is to throw the hammer as far away from you as possible. The men’s hammer weighs 16 pounds while the women’s hammer weighs 8.82 pounds. In either case, the hammer is thrown after two swings in stationary position followed by four to five 360-degree rotations. The women’s world record, recently set on August 1 2015, is held by Anita Wlodarczyk, a Polish hammer thrower. Numatic Henry can do the hammer throw too! He uses his 8 ft crushproof hose as an arm to swing the ball round and round.

Numatic-Henry-High-JumpAnother vertical clearance event, the object of the game is to get yourself over the bar without touching or dislodging it. The height of the bar increases with each level you clear. The Fosbury Flop, which you see Numatic Henry doing in the photo, is the current method of jumping where you leap head first, on your back, over the bar. Javier Sotomayor, a Cuban Olympian, and Stefka Kostadinova, a Bulgarian Olympian, each hold the men’s and women’s record set in 1993 and 1987 respectively.

Numatic-Henry-running-around-trackBringing back high school memories, Numatic Henry is racing his fellow canister vacuum buddies around the track. Perhaps you were like Henry, the star athlete of gym class who made everyone else look inferior. Or, perhaps, you were like Charles, the one who keeps pace for a little while before gassing himself out and voluntarily dropping out of the race. Don’t worry, eVacuumStore¬†won’t judge you.

Numatic-Henry-Canister-Vacuum-On-MarsWhen Henry is not competing in the Olympics, he likes to hang out on Mars. You can join him if you like, just remember to put on your space suit first. After all, we want you living and breathing for many years to come.

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