Eureka AS3033A Bagless Upright Product Review

In this review, we turn our focus to the Eureka AS3033A bagless upright vacuum. This model is designed for the homeowner on a budget.

Eureka AS3033A Bagless Upright VacuumSetting itself apart from other upright vacuums, the Eureka As3033A features patented Eureka AirSpeed Technology. This means it’s engineered with limited bends and turns so debris travels quickly through the vacuum and into the large capacity dust cup. With dirt safely where it belongs, you can vacuum to your hearts content while experiencing no loss of suction. For convenience, the large capacity dust cup is manufactured out of transparent plastic so you can monitor dirt levels as you vacuum. If you see debris approaching the white MAX line, it’s time to empty out the dust cup via the hygienic release button.

When it comes to vacuuming, the Eureka AS3033A is designed to clean all types of surfaces from thick, high-pile carpet to smooth wood floors. On the base of the power nozzle, you will find a silver rotary dial that can be turned to the left or right to accommodate the surface you’re cleaning. With a cleaning path of 14 inches, the durable bristle brushroll quickly and efficiently tackles any surface. For smaller pickups, this bagless vacuum features a 10 and 1/2 inch crevice tool and oval shaped dusting brush. With these vacuum attachments, you can clean along baseboards and give your favorite chair some extra TLC.

Eureka-AS3033A-Power-Paw-Vacuum-AttachmentSaving the best for last, the Eureka AS3033A includes the convenient Pet Power Paw. This upholstery brush is a motorized attachment approximately 4 inches long. It attaches to the crushproof hose or the black telescopic tube for extra reach. With these choices, cleaning furniture, delicate drapes, or pet hair that stubbornly clings to clothes should be a breeze. When not in use, the Eureka Pet Power Paw easily attaches to a docking clip incorporated into the design of the upper handle.

When you’ve finished vacuuming for the day (or for the week), you may want to complete a few maintenance tasks to keep your Eureka AS3033A running at tip-top performance. For starters, if you haven’t checked your filters for a couple weeks, you may want to assess whether they need to be cleaned or replaced. The Eureka EF-7 Exhaust Filter can be found underneath the dust cup. Unfortunately, this filter is not washable and needs to be changed every six months. The Eureka DCF-25 Washable Dust Cup Filter, which can be found under the lid assembly, should be rinsed under cool water and set to dry once a month. If you own a very hairy dog that loves to shed, you may need to clean your filters on a more frequent basis.

Eureka AS3033A Automatic Cord RewindLast, but not least, the Eureka AS3033A comes equipped with an automatic cord winder that neatly coils the 27 ft power cord inside the vacuum. Pressing a button takes a second while manually winding a cord around hooks can take up to a minute. Every second counts when you’re in a rush, so Eureka kept this philosophy in mind when manufacturing this upright vacuum.

To order, please don’t hesitate to visit eVacuumStore or dial 1-866-972-8227 to purchase over the phone. We ship for free and no sales tax will be added (except if you live in Massachusetts) upon checkout.

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