Miele Vacuum Accessory Cases

Miele prides itself on creating products to match every cleaning situation. With that said, eVacuumStore felt compelled to create a blog post that explains the ins and outs of all four Miele accessory cases.

Miele-SCC10-CarCare-Accessory-CaseHinted in the name, the Miele SCC10 CarCare Accessory Case has everything you need to vacuum your car. It contains a flexible 12 inch crevice tool that easily attaches to the crushproof extension hose to maximize your reach. This combination is ideal for cleaning underneath seats and side compartments where crumbs like to hide. Strategically shaped like the letter “L”, the Miele STB20 Compact Turbobrush features a long arm and wide head with motorized bristles to tackle ground-in dirt and dust on car seats. Last, but not least, the Miele SUB20 Flexible Universal Brush is the jack of all trades attachment for this accessory case. Its elongated design affords itself the ability to wedge into tight spaces and agitate messes using its soft, yet durable, nylon bristles. For increased flexibility, the head of this brush swivels 360-degrees. Whether you need to reach up high, down low, or somewhere in-between, the Miele SUB20 is always up for the challenge.

Miele-SCD10-Cat-and-Dog-Accessory-CaseRecently purchased a pet? If so, the Miele SCD10 Cat and Dog Accessory Case is practically calling your name. Mirroring some of the features that come standard with the Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog, this deluxe kit boasts the Miele STB101 Mini Turbo Brush and Miele SF-AA50 Active AirClean Filter. The former is a 6 1/4 inch wide motorized brush that lifts away pet hairs that stick to furniture. The latter features an activated charcoal layer that deodorizes and removes 99.97% of allergy-causing particles that are 0.3 microns or larger. Together, they make a competitive combination that rivals even the best tools promoted by other brands.

So what won’t you find when you purchase the Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog? For one, the Miele SVH10 Radiator Cap only comes with this accessory case (or can be ordered separately if you prefer). This part simplifies storage by allowing you to separate the body from the hose when not vacuuming. The Miele SVH10 Radiator Cap, which fits over the hose inlet on the canister, features activated charcoal pellets that deodorize unpleasant smells when not in use. This should be a definite on your shopping list if you have a fluffy husky. Last, but not least, the Miele SCD10 Cat and Dog Accessory Case features a long crevice tool for those tough pickups.

Miele-SHC10-HomeCare-Accessory-CaseMiele vacuums are designed to clean every inch of your home, but sometimes you may want to own some backup. This is where the Miele SHC10 HomeCare Accessory Case comes in. Like the kits we’ve already gone over, this one features the Miele SFS10 Flexible Extension Hose and Miele SUB20 Universal Brush. However, the other two attachments stand out from the rest because they can only be found in this case. The Miele SMD10 Mattress Tool is a low-profile nozzle approximately 5 inches wide with red lint-lifters that attract microscopic particles that linger on comforters and in-between sheets. It’s a welcomed addition to large homes with many kids. The same can also be said for the Miele SPD10 Extra Wide Upholstery Tool. A busy home means a busy schedule, and this tool’s wide width gets draperies cleaned in less time.

Miele-SMC20-MicroSet Accessory-CaseMiele’s last accessory case is perhaps the most unique of all. Many people don’t know, but you can clean computer mouses and keyboards using a vacuum cleaner. Understandably, you can’t accomplish this task with standard vacuum attachments, but you can get this job done with the Miele SMC20 MicroSet Accessory Case. This package includes a micro attachment hose, curved crevice tool, straight-edge crevice tool, and micro dusting brush. Compatible with any Miele canister or upright, you can purchase this kit online from eVacuumStore or by dialing 1-866-972-8227.

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