Introducing the Miele Scout RX1 Robot Vacuum

Miele RX1 Scout Red Are you a working mom with a hectic schedule? Do you have mobility issues and find vacuuming a strain? If so, we’ve got the right vacuum cleaner for you!

Traditional vacuum cleaners are heavy and cumbersome, but robotic vacuums are low-profile and compact to clean underneath beds and along baseboards. One of our top-sellers, the Miele Scout RX1, has a net weight of 6.33 pounds and height of 3.46 inches. With these dimensions, it can easily crawl under furniture to collect dirt and dander.

Now, you may be wondering how this all works. After all, robots are not equipped with eyes to gauge the size of rooms. For the Miele Scout RX1, a Smart Navigation system substitutes for the human eye. This system is comprised of a gyro sensor and ceiling camera. A gyro sensor detects changes in rotational motion and landscape orientation. This ensures that the robot does not blindly crash into walls. The Smart Navigation system also allows for the robot to be programmed under multiple cleaning modes.

Auto Mode – This is your basic cleaning mode. It departs from the charging station, cleans all areas of your home, and charges itself once again.

Spot Mode – Hinted by the name, Spot Mode has the Miele Scout RX1 clean a defined area measuring 6 square feet. This is ideal for last-minute pickups and goes over well with moms of kids.

Corner Mode – The cumbersome nature of traditional vacuums makes it hard to pick up debris tucked away in corners, but this mode solves this problem by paying special attention to perimeters after the room is initially cleaned in Auto Mode.

Turbo Mode – If you’re in a pinch and need to clean your home fast, Turbo Mode will quickly sweep through every room in 50% less time in comparison to Auto Mode.

If you would like to manually guide your robot to specific areas, use the remote control that comes standard with this vacuum. You can even set the Miele Scout RX1 to clean when no one is home. This takes one less cleaning duty off your plate and little feet won’t trip over its compact body.

To find out more information or to order, please visit eVacuumStore or dial 1-866-972-8227 to speak with a trained vacuum specialist. No matter your preferences, we are confident that we have the right vacuum for you!

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