VacuMaid Central Vacuums

Newly added to our website, VacuMaid Central Vacuums are perfect for grandiose homes with lots of foot traffic.

VacuMaid Disposable Bag Units


VacuMaid SR800 Central Vacuum Unit

Disposable bag units are great for those in search of a cost-effective central vacuum with little to no maintenance. VacuMaid SR36 and VacuMaid SR38 both feature a two-layer disposable paper bag that can hold 27 dry quarts of dirt and debris. The inner liner not only strengthens the durability of the bag but also acts as an electrostatic barrier to protect the 5.7” 2-stage flow thru motor from unfiltered particles. The most advanced units, VacuMaid SR52 and VacuMaid SR800, feature a multi-layer disposable HEPA bag that holds 27 and 38 dry quarts respectively. Made in the USA, these VacuMaid units were constructed from rolled galvanized steel, making them virtually indestructible. However, for extra peace of mind, each unit comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty and a lifetime of technical support provided by eVacuumStore’s finest support specialists. Purchase online today or dial 1-866-972-8227 to order over the phone!

Models: VacuMaid SR36, VacuMaid SR38, VacuMaid SR52 and VacuMaid SR800

VacuMaid Permanent Inverted Bag Units


VacuMaid SR64 Central Vacuum Unit

Inverted bag units, unlike the models with a disposable bag, feature a special Surf-Tex filter that resist bacteria, mold, and mildew growth. These units have a dirt retention rate of 97% and can detect and filter particles 0.3 microns or larger in size. Each of these models feature a utility valve for more convenient emptying of dirt and debris. Dirt capacity is either 27 or 38 dry quarts depending on the unit you purchase. The priciest features a dirt capacity of 38 dry quarts that covers 18,000 square feet of floor space while the cheapest tots a dirt capacity of 27 dry quarts for 6,000 square feet of floor space. The sound level increases as you upgrade the unit, but nothing should be too loud for young ears or sensitive four-legged furry friends.

Models: VacuMaid SR14, VacuMaid SR46, VacuMaid SR60, and VacuMaid SR64

VacuMaid Cyclonic Systems


VacuMaid S1600 Central Vacuum Unit

Cyclonic systems easily take the gold when pitted against filtered units. Cyclonic separation allows large debris to fall to the bottom of the canister while lighter particles are vented outside via the exhaust pipe. This means no pesky filters to clean or purchase! The priciest of models feature a split canister design that allows you to store the motor and canister in separate locations. eVacuumStore recommends storing the motor in a remote location to further reduce any noise emissions and positioning the canister in an easily accessible location for quick maintenance. All units feature a high-performing tangential bypass motor, 10 year manufacturers warranty, and high-quality galvanized steel construction.

Models: VacuMaid P110, VacuMaid S2400, VacuMaid S1600, VacuMaid 2600, and Vacumaid S3600 

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